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Native to the rhythmically wealthy Puerto Rican city of Santurce, is the versatile and powerful percussionist, vocalist and bandleader Gene Perry.  Having paid his dues on the global Latin scene since the 60's, Perry has finally decided to record under his own name for the first time.  Properly titled "Mi Tambor Lo Dice Todo", Perry's long awaited debut is enhanced by the Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist Allan Phillips' brilliant and cinematic arrangements, designed to recapture the aggressive, brassy sound popularized by Ray Barretto and other New York salsa artists. This explains the presence, in this particular session, of three of the U.S. West Coast's most prominent wind soloists Justo Almario, Harry Kim, and Arturo Velasco (collectively known for their acclaimed recordings with Tolú, the número uno Latin jazz band west of the Mississippi), plus the seasoned bassist René Camacho and other notable sidemen.  The bandmembers' respective skills and abilities are meaningfully applied to a well-balanced repertoire of originals and standards that combines Latin jazz elements with diverse Afro-Hispanic rhythms from Cuba and Puerto Rico (guaracha, mozambique, rumba, mambo, bomba, etc).  In conjunction with this tantalizing musical foundation are the vibrant lead vocals offered by internationally acclaimed reggae star Joaquin "Quino" McWhinney, and on two occations, by our musical protagonist from Santurce. If I was asked to summarize the essence of this recording in one word, I would define it as sandunga, a Spanish term meaning charm or grace.  As clarified by the Cuban anthropologist/ linguist/ musicologist Fernando Ortiz, sandunga is a mixture of, the white salt of Andalucia, and ndungu, the black pepper of Africa. And it is this piquancy, the very essence of the Hispanic Caribbean, that Gene Perry has masterfully captured in this dynamic body of work.


I'm a firm believer in the following statement; "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression".
If you're going to make any impression at all, be sure to make your first impression your best. This seems to be, in my humble opinion, what Gene Perry has delivered with "Mi Tambor Lo Dice Todo" his Debut CD.
Be careful when you press play on that first track "Agua Que Va Caer" as the bold opening horns will literally make your heart skip a beat, and then "it's on" after that! What a perfect way to set the listener and/or dancer up. Make that first impression on that opening track, one that we will never forget! This is how it was for me and how it continues to be each and every time I play this cd!
If quality in music is what you desire, you'll find it here. Enjoy hits like Tremendo Coco, Juana Pena, Si Por Mi Llueve and more. "Mi Tambor Lo Dice Todo" is packed with mesmerizing percussion, brassy horns, a wonderful blending of latin jazz and afro-cuban rhythms as well as a perfect balancing act between older classics and new material.
If this was a taste of what lies in store on future projects, then I say "bring it on!" Sabroso, y con mucho swing, "Mi Tambor Lo Dice Todo" is the real thing! Weeeeeepa!
Congratulations to Gene Perry from Santurce, Puerto Rico on such an exquisite "First Impression". Highly Recommended.

LA Times