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Afro-Caribbean Infusion in Theater

the colored museum

Gene Perry's musical talents has blended well with a growing number of African-American and Latino theatrical performances in San Diego .

Gene made musical contributions to Moon on the Rainbow Shawl, and The Colored Museum both directed by Dr. Floyd Gaffney of the University of California San Diego Department of Theatre.

During The Colored Museum, Gene was visible throughout the play using Afro-Caribbean sounds. He opened the play with bomba and plena rhythms

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moon on a rainbow shawl  
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Also, Gene performed in García Lorca's classic tragic poem, Yerma, translated and directed by University of San Diego Theatre Arts faculty member, Evelyn Díaz Cruz, and reset in the Caribbean. My colleague, Manny Cepeda, describes it best...
"The play was Federico Garcia Lorca's Yerma, based on themes of social injustice and repression against a shepherd's wife in the 1930's rural Spain. The challenge of Evelyn's vision was to turn this rural Spaniard play into an Afro-Caribbean theme with all the fire and mystery of Latin "Santeria". Having had plenty of experience as a child attending Zion of Santeria with my mother and being a musician/composer for all my life, I decided to take the challenge and arrange/compose the music with the Afro-Caribbean theme using the styles of Bomba, Plena, Afro, Mozambique and Ñañigo 6/8 rhythms.
The result was an amazing blend of culture, fire and emotions that turned the play into an unforgettable performance. With the aide of the accomplished Puerto Rican percussionist, Gene Perry, we created a Caribbean version of this play. "
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glass cord

In 2007, Gene performed in Professor Diaz Cruz' award winning play, Glasscord, and directed by Claudio Raygoza.

In the Glasscord, Gene provided the afro-caribbean rhythms as the angels danced in the play. The angels (Jelissa Roberts & Kaila Mangrum) represented pigeon spirits...